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Source of River Nile – Jinja

In the year 1858, John Hannington Speke – a European explorer discovered the source of the longest River in the world – River Nile in Jinja, eastern Uganda. The source of this magnificent river is marked by a modest sign that reads “The Source of R. Nile – Jinja – World’s Longest River” closed to the Rippon Falls. There is also a small cafe and craft shops, as well as dock with canoes and motor boats for hire, adjacent to Mahatma Ghandi monument – a wonderful spot for taking pictures.

30 percent of the Nile waters come from underground at the source just a few meters form L. Victoria. You will see the water bubbles at this point a true evidence that water comes from the ground. The other seventy percent is contributed by numerous water bodies with Lake Victoria contributing a bigger percentage of the waters.

It takes three months for River Nile waters from this point to pour into the mouth (Mediterranean Sea) in North Africa. The river starts flowing at a calm pace and increases its intensity as it flows over rocks, gorges and several small islands. Waters turn into dramatic features as they battle with rocks along the way and give birth to amazing features like water falls such as the Karuma and Murchison falls in north-western Uganda.

What to do at the source of River Nile.

Have you been passionate about different activities that take place on waters, think about the source of River Nile; you are sure to see your dreams come true! The following activities take place at the source of R. Nile;

White water rafting.

This is one of the most adventurous activities at the source of River Nile since it comes with stunning scenery and all year-round sunshine with short spells of rain. The adventure is a one-of-a-kind experience that turns your moments into memories. The activity introduces you to a number of birds, islands and aquatic animals as well.

Jet boating.

This is yet another thrilling activity that happens at the source of R. Nile. It is an opportunity for you to hit the rapids of high speed boat to the best of its kind.

Bungee jumping.

Here you get an opportunity to kiss the Nile forty meters from a mounted bungee tower. If one feels like they want to get all their fear hormones out of their bodies, bungee jumping can be one of the activities to be part. The activity happens for a shorter time compared to others but it still offers a unique experience that will not leave you the same. It is also done alongside other activities, like kayaking, tubing, sliding, etc.


Kayaking at the source of River Nile offers you a great opportunity to explore the river and other surrounding areas. The activity is best when done under a perfect weather and daring rapids which are a sure deal while at the source of River Nile.


Given the fact that the waters of River Nile have no record of any infectious diseases and dangerous animals, swimming is one of the recommended activities here. A number of visitors have testified about the beauty of the adventure. It is an opportunity for taking as many pictures as your camera can contain.

Horse riding.

Along the shores of the Nile happens one of the most spectacular activities – horse riding. The activity is blessed by children cheering and singing birds. You get to watch the country side, vast plantations and bird species.

Quad Biking.

This is another great way to spend your afternoon at the source of river Nile. You get to watch members of the community as they go through their day to day activities such as women and men going to the gardens whereas children run to and from neighboring schools.

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