Sipi Falls

Sipi falls is one of the magnificent water falls of Uganda and one of Uganda’s major tourist attractions. The Sipi falls consist of a series of three water falls separated by steep hillsides and flowing from varied altitudes from the lower slopes of Mount. Elgon, also the fourth highest mountain in Africa.

The falls are located at the edge of the mountain near Kenyan border. The falls are also often referred to as the most romantic falls in Uganda because of their appearance and nature. The spectacular falls form a beautiful scenic view on the hills of Kapchorwa, with the main one of the 3 falls falling through an altitude of 100 metres and positioned at 1650 metres above the ground.

This Is the biggest and most magnificent of the 3. Other two falls i.e., Simba and Ngasire fall from altitudes of 85 and 65 metres respectively. Simba which is the second largest is positioned at 1,750 metres above the ground and Ngasire at 1,850 metres. The name of these falls originates from a banana-
like medicinal plant growing at the banks of the falls called.

This plant is used locally as a cure for fever and measles. It is believed that some British travellers once found a native harvesting this plant and happened to ask her about the name of the falls. She told them Sep as she thought they were inquiring about the plant hence the origin of name Sipi. This plant also provides black seeds used in a popular game.

Many tourists visit Sipi falls to relax and get refreshing experience away from the busycities. The spectacular view of the falls offers a breathtaking site that every visitor deserves to take a glimpse of and thus every one visiting Uganda needs to add this to their bucket list.

Visitors get to relax and chill while at the falls, enjoy cool climate and hike through the hills to get to the beautiful falls. One may choose to take a short hike to visit only one of the 3 falls or take a longer hike to visit all the three, which may take up to 4 hours. Visitors usually require the help of a tour guide to access Sipi falls since the trails are not well defined and could be confused
for other trails leading to farmlands, as well as help with carrying the luggage.

Most of these guides are natives of the area and know how to easily navigate the trails. One also requires a walking stick for support through the slippery trails and this is usually provided by tour guides. The lowest of the falls, which is the main fall is easily accessible and can be viewed from the lodges as most of these are located near Sipi falls.

A visit to the site of the falls however provides a different experience from when
viewed from the lodges. These falls plunge over a steep cliff with large volumes of water with a soothing atmosphere and wonderful breeze. The second fall is more challenging to access than the first one owing to steeper ascents and more slippery trails.

This fall has a unique appearance with a cascade at the top before the water plunges over the cliff. It neighbors an ancient cave occupied by bats and it is believed that the
cave was habituated by humans for thousands of years.

The hike to the third fall is even more challenging than the second but also more fulfilling. This fall which is also called the twin fall, is quite tall and falls off in a column shape. While here, one is able to view and take beautiful photos of Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga, coffee plantations and neighboring mountains. There is a strong mist at this site and these form beautiful spectacular rainbows when the sun hits through.

The mist also reaches the forests making them look darker green.
Visitors often swim down this fall in the dry season, this however is risky in rainy season when volume of water is higher.

Activities around Sipi falls. You get to participate in many activities while at Sipi falls. These include; hiking Mount. Elgon as most of the hikes to this mountain start off from Sipi falls. Visitors get to
experience wonderful accommodation facilities at this place and watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as well as take beautiful pictures by the falls. Abseiling is one of the major activities at the falls, but other activities include community visits, nature walks and cultural encounters. One may get to experience circumcision ceremony of the Bagisu and Sabiny.

Visiting coffee plantations and craft shops, a game drive through Mt Elgon national park, birding, camping, cave expeditions, and fly fishing which involves catching fish by attracting them with an artificial fly.

When to visit Sipi falls?
Sipi falls can be visited throughout the year. However, the dry season is better for hiking
since the trails are less slippery. The rainy season however provides an opportunity for
more spectacular views of the full force of the falls since water volumes are higher

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