batwa cultural experience

Culture Encounters

During a cultural encounter through these East African countries, one is able to explore how these people used and still do their things. Uganda alone is a country with more than 50 different cultures but the interesting ones are still Batwa in the southwestern part of Uganda, Batwa were the first people to live in the forest together with mountain gorillas and are one of the shortest people in the world. Other incredible people are Karimojong in the Northern region of Uganda who are still living in grass-thatched houses nick named “the Manyattas” despite modern houses.

Other amazing cultures include Baganda which have one of the famous kingdoms in the country, the Banyankole, Batooro, Luo and more. In Kenya, the most popular cultural encounter is that of the Masai people who live close to the world-renowned wildlife capital – Masai Mara National Reserve in southern Kenya. The Masai people are predominantly nomadic pastoralists who are known for their energetic dances, beautiful dress cord, crafts and more. You can as well visit the Kikuyu and Samburu tribes in central and central-northern regions respectively.

In Rwanda, Rwandan people present one of the most beautiful cultures in the continent and visitors are able to enjoy some of the Rwandan cultural dances, crafts, local markets, norms and rituals.

Tanzania teems with over 130 languages spoken across the second largest country in east Africa and you will visit a few communities like the Masai, Chagga, Nyamwezi, Sukuma and several more.

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