4 days gorilla and golden monkeys in Rwanda


You are going to spend your 4 days with gorillas and golden monkeys in Rwanda from volcanoes national Park which is a home of mountain gorillas and the rare golden monkeys, you will trek the endangered mountain gorillas on your second day and rare golden monkeys on your third and you will only be spending one hour in their presence since they are endangered and even if they are trained to human presence, they will still be wild animals that’s why only one hour is given to you.

You will visit the Iby’iwachu Cultural Village for the culture of Rwanda and you will also have a city on your last day as you fly back to your home country.

Day 1: Road trip to volcanoes national Park from Kigali

You will meet our company guide driver at the airport in Kigali who will welcome to Rwanda and then take you through a briefing about your 4 days of gorilla and golden monkeys in Rwanda.

 Later after that, he will drive you to the Northern part of Rwanda in the volcanoes national Park which is one of the gorilla destinations in Africa and you will check in at the lodge for the next day’s gorilla trekking experience.

Day 2: Gorilla trekking

Today, wake up in the morning and have your breakfast, it would be better if you come along with your packed lunch because you may spend even the whole day in the forest.  You will then drive to the Park headquarters for a briefing about the rules followed while trekking gorillas in Rwanda.

Since only 8 people are allowed to trek one gorilla family, you will be divided into a group of 8 people and then led into the jungle by different guides who are well armed to search for these mountain gorillas.

Trekking these mountain gorillas can last from 30 minutes to the whole day but most of the time is spent searching for them once found, you will be allowed to spend one hour in their presence watching them playing, feeding, grooming each other and many more behaviors of the gorillas.

You will also have a look at other primates, mammals and species of birds and then you will trek back to start for the certificates that certify your total participation in gorilla trekking.

Return to the lodge for resting and some refreshments as dinner are approaching.

Day 3: Golden monkey trekking and Iby’iwachu Cultural Village

With breakfast in the morning, you will drive again to the Park headquarters for a briefing and then set off to the park to trek the golden monkeys. Since these primates are also endangered like mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, you will be allowed to spend one hour following them as you take photos and as you look at their behaviours.

Golden monkey trekking will not take so long as for them they don’t move so far, Move back to the lodge for lunch and after lunch visits the Ibyiwachu Cultural Village.

While on your visit, you will be able to learn more about the culture of the Rwandan people, look at their beautiful dress code, be entertained with their cultural dances, have a taste of their traditional meals and many more. Retreat to the lodge for your dinner.

Day 4: Transfer back to Kigali

The last day of your 4 days gorilla and golden monkey in Rwanda will start in the morning with breakfast then your driver guide will pick you up from the lodge and drive you back to Kigali at the airport. Meanwhile as you wait for your time of flight, you will be doing a city tour around Kigali.

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